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Peach brown celestial dangles | Smokey quartz earrings

  • $ 56.00

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These pretty earrings are featuring enameled celestial shapes and Smokey quartz drops. Colored glass powder is fired on copper moon and starburst shapes at very high temperature to give them pretty colors. Enameled shapes and Smokey quartz are assembled together to from beautiful dangles. Entire assembly is dangling below handmade hook ear wires.

  • Feminine colors and boho-chic celestial inspired design
  • Stunning colors on earring drops are achieved by dipping and firing different color glass powders on copper shapes at very high temperature
  • Lightweight and statement style
  • Earrings will look stunning with both casual and dressy outfits
  • Earrings can become unique gift for someone special


Copper shapes, glass enamel, Smokey quartz, sterling silver metal


2.6 in (6.6 cm) X 0.9 in (2.4 cm)

  • Handmade in Seattle, WA
  • Item# EDA125
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